Enviromental Protection

Sirio is committed to balance economical, ecological and social issues, in order to achieve and guarantee long-term development. Maintaining long-term environmental protection and sustainable resources and are key drivers for Sirio’s development.

1) Sewage treatment:
The combination of production waste water and domestic sewage which is treated by Biochemical & physico-chemical treatments, can reach to the standard DB44/26-2001 “water pollutant emission limits”.

2) Noise processing:
The noise generated by production equipment can reach to emission standard by vibration, sound insulation, building sound insulation room, vegetative barriers, natural attenuation and boundary noise.

3) Exhaust pollution treatment:
A. We use light oil such as low sulfur, low nitrogen, low ash oil to be as fuel, in order to reduce exhaust.
B. Making use of ventilation facilities, adsorption & purification facilities, to adsorb dust and organic waste gas.
C. Making use of the fume purification facilities, to reduce fume exhaust.

Our exhaust pollution can reach to DB44/27-2001 “Water pollutant emission limits”, GB18483-2001 “Cooking fume emission standards (Trial)’’.

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