• Our Development Process
  • Our Health development Philosophy
  • Concept Development
  • Product Development
  • Trial Production
Provide information to customer during development of the concept

Documents Required:
Draft Formulation Draft ingredients List; Nutritional information; Customer Information & Allergens; Packaging Description.

Master Document:
Draft Specification

Sirio Capability:
Our ind-depth worldwide market insight & consumer insight of dietary supplement industry, is an essential factor for us to develop successfull products for our customers.

Provide final product information to customer above the approved product

Documents Required:
Raw Material Specifications; Final Formulations; Final Ingredients list; Nutritional Information; Consumer information & Allergens ;
packaging Specification; Manufacturing process.

Master Document:
Final Product Specification

Sirio Capability:
20+ years development experience in dietary supplement, qualified expertises and individual scientific labs for each dosage form help us to deliver competitive products. And the advance technology is dedicated to provide our customers with realizable solutions from product development to production.

Final Launch documents provided to customer

Documents Required:
Stability Report, Certificate of Conformance/Analysis

Master Document:
Launch Documents

In the past 20+ years, Sirio Pharma has always been committed to improving human being’s health & their life quality by using natural dietary supplement product.

As a global manufacturer of dietary supplement industry, our R & D team has been absorbed advance health management philosophy, developed healthy formulation which are fit for consumer’s physiological characteristics based on our deeply research on worldwide consumer’s dietary habits, health status and various theory demostrations such as pharmacy, pharmacology, science of nutrition and drug analysis technology.

Our creative, experienced and resourceful R & D organization has a proven record of developing outstanding products which have won the market.

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Our comprehensive product dosage forms range from softgel, tablet, nutritional gummy, capsule, powder until oral liquid to meet your market demands.

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